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Hi And Assalamualaikum 

Fuhh fuhh ! Dah berhabuk dah blog kita nii. Kesian dia, dah lamat tak usik dia. Hmm, bukan apa kita busy sikit laa. Now busy for Esspeyemm (spm). Firstly kita nak tanya, cantik my new bolg ? Cantik kann ? Awesome kann ? Hee, penat kita edit tau.

Actually, I have no story to tell but I'm trying typing my keyboard with empty words. My life never change. I keep do the same things in my daily life. Nothing change but I feel comfortable with my life. Now, my hearts never get hurt, my eyes never see bad thing and my ears never hear words will bring me down. I wish it will permanent. Him ? I never ever say him name. I hope he happy with him life and I must learn to forget him. My life not to that boy. Its wasting my time. I have nothing when I'm with him. My life ruin because him, so should I give him second chance ? I don't think so. He treat me badly, he always make me crying with stupid things. He never understand what I feel. Now, your turn. What I get before, you got it now. You know how it feels ? Hurts right ? 


One more thing, I will seat for Esspeyemm (spm) on 5 November until 9 December 2012.  Right now I'm very nervous and miserable. Its killing me. I hope I will do the best and get good result. I'm trying but Allah determine it. I keep counting the big days. Wish me luck and have good healthy during the examiner. Last from me, forgive my mistakes and pray for me. 

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